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From Preachin‘ to Meddlin‘

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

Take the topic of boundaries one step further and learn to set and enforce healthy boundaries on YOURSELF!

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Fact or Faux?

Mindset, Relationships

Learn how to distinguish between real feelings and their fake counterparts in the process of setting healthy boundaries.


Signs of Life

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

Learn how to set healthy boundaries by putting up some 'signs.'


Family Conference

Mindset, Relationships

You don‘t have to have more ideas than others, but rather the ability to decide which of these ideas is good. --Linus Pauling


The Courage to Be a Duck

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

We can’t control what people are going to say, but we CAN control how we are affected by their words.


(Not) Everybody's Darling!

Courage, Mindset, Relationships, Values

Learn how to boldly say 'Yes' or 'No' for the RIGHT reasons!


Onward toward the horizon!

Biography, Courage, Relationships

On this winding road of entrepreneurship, I take some time to thank those who have believed in me along the way.



Mindset, Relationships

Skepticism is contagious. Enthusiasm as well! Our character is best formed through our heart relationships, and we all need different people in our lives to challenge, inspire and cheer us on to become the best version of ourselves!  I definitely know whose doorknobs I want to lick so that I can get infected as soon as possible!