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"As you follow the path of life, you will see a great divide. Jump! It is not as wide as you think." The wisdom of the Native Americans

Close the gap between wanting and doing!

Ah, the gap! It seems insurmountable, but is that REALLY true? Together, we will find the areas in your life where there is no "suspension bridge" and develop a strong plan to get you where you want to go! I see myself as a cheerleader and tour guide on this path, and I will dare you to jump over the gaps that lie between you and your goals.

Some examples of coaching topics:

You have an idea or a topic that needs to be addressed, but the fear of all the "what ifs" that are paralyzing you from taking action.

You did something brave in the past and failed, so you are afraid to try again.

You are the typical dreamer with 1000 inspirations per day, but no real plan to get there.

You feel as if you are sleepwalking through your life without having a brave goal that gets you out of bed every morning.

You are in a position of leadership but are struggling with making some hard decisions.

Can you identify with one of these situations? Are you ready to to find the courage you need to take completely new paths?

As a certified business coach and long-time communication trainer, it's my job to ask good questions and lead you to those "AHA!" moments that drive lasting change!

Questions like these have the power to lure you out of your comfort zone without overwhelming you. You will experience that this approach creates a pleasant as well as challenging climate that allows you to gain new perspectives for your situation.

Courage can be learned!

You CAN close the gap between wanting and doing!

Call me for a free initial consultation. We‘ll see if the chemistry is right and then WE JUMP!