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Hi, I'm Keren, your Courage Coach and Decision Cheerleader!

Keren Pickard

Need a little courage in your life? Especially when it comes to taking the first step in important decisions? Then you're in the right place!

As an American, I came to Germany 20 years ago with the desire to get to know a wonderful country and its language better.

I couldn't even buy bread at the baker's with my knowledge of German (instead of a mixed wheat bread I wanted, I got a loaf with so many seeds in it that I couldn't even FIND the bread!). I felt that this and many other experiences abroad would take a lot of courage!

Whether I was navigating through the jungle of tricky administrative procedures and bureaucratic paperwork, having tricky conversations with bosses and landlords, or having to master the foundation of my own business and customer acquisition in a foreign language, every experience made my "courage muscles" grow!

Everything that I want to teach my clients, I have tried and tested with my own life and have discovered:


What led you to become a courage coach?

My career in Germany started out very typically. I taught Business English in companies like Daimler, BASF and many others and over time I built up a client base of executives. They paid me to "polish up" their already good English skills even more, but one thing always struck me: they were almost ALL mega scared to let the language flow freely and naturally! Even back then I often saw myself in the role of a self-confidence trainer, because what they needed was not more verb tenses, but rather the encouragement that they could tackle their trickiest challenges!

Everywhere I go, I find people,

boy underwater thumbs up

In working with me, my clients are able to gain a new perspective on their situations and find the courage within themselves to try it ANYWAY! My motto is, "You can do it!" and honestly, who doesn't need to hear that from time to time?

I am passionate about showing my clients how they can become the architects of their own lives and take a courageous stance, one decision at a time! With my life, I have learned to live courageously through thousands of tiny and HUGE decisions, and with my training as a business coach, I have learned the tools to awaken these abilities in others. As time goes by, my clients need to hear less and less "You can do it" from me, because they now have an "I can do it!" mentality!

Which qualities do my customers appreciate most about me?

My energy, a strong belief in others, and the ability to ignite others for a new thought or challenge are the qualities that distinguish me the most.

Keren Pickard

With me, my clients have a cheerleader who cheers them on to take a proactive stance in their lives. They have an encourager who accompanies them empathically and cheerfully through the difficult steps. And they have a visionary who believes in the power of courageous (and sometimes really crazy) dreams!

I am not perfect, and my clients learn that they don't have to be, either. Perfectionism paralyses and discourages us! We all stumble through this life and learn as we go.


My two children learned to walk, and as soon as they made their first wobbly steps, I jumped and cheered, "You're walking!" It didn't matter that after two steps they landed on their butts again, they were suddenly "the walkers!" In taking those steps, in deciding, in trying out, our courage grows!

Where do YOU want to break new ground? Which new challenges do you want to take on courageously? Which decisions do you need to make?

Do we want to walk a part of the way together and help you discover your bravest self along the way?

Below you will find a button where you can arrange a free first session with me. I am excited to meet you and find out if you'll allow me to be your courage coach!

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I love to connect with other entrepreneurs, optimists and world changers! Together, we can promote the ideas of courage and compassion and work to make our society more enjoyable to live in!

The articles, recommendations and links that we share with each other sharpen our senses and keep us energized to do great things. Our discussions change and grow us, and I am excited about growing with my community! Feel free to contact me anytime.