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Keren Pickard

Prof. Dr. Bernd Günter, Director of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, Hochschule Karlsruhe

Keren has an impeccable professional attitude, a strong sense of commitment and loyalty; she is absolutely reliable and always ready to accept new challenges, which she masters with amazing ease and impressive success. She is a stellar communicator and relates equally well with clients and colleagues. Her charisma, warmth, and sense of humor are a large part of her personal style, and in creating an entertaining and energizing atmosphere, she is able to facilitate the learning process with her participants in a unique way.

Jochen Häuptle, Director HR, Dentsply Sirona AG

In numerous workshops I was able to experience Keren Pickard who, with her extremely sensitive manner, always captured the spirit of the group and let it flow into the training concept without ever losing track. Keren led the training group in a highly professional manner, with an extremely sound technical background, and with an energy that is second to none. Once you have experienced Keren, you will never want to miss the next training session with her. Her attitude of appreciation and respect for others not only comes across authentically, but the participant immediately feels that this is precisely the credo that she lives by at all times.

Jonas Zimmermann, Member of the Board of Directors of German Lawyers' Hotline AG

Keren has two wonderful gifts, which she has always used to help me successfully navigate difficult situations. On the one hand, she always manages to broaden my perspective with challenging questions and on the other hand, I always have the impression that I am accepted by her as a whole person and that I am taken seriously with all my weaknesses and problems.

Silvia Richter-Kaupp, Holistic Business Coach and Trainer, German Chamber of Commerce

I have known Keren for about a year now and I regularly deal with her professionally. I am always impressed by her positive view of other people, situations and life in general. She has the ability to see the glass full, even if it is half empty. This attitude comes across in her respectful and thoughtful treatment of others. And since she is blessed with a large portion of energy in addition to her positivity, she can very easily "infect" and inspire people. She's a real cheerleader to me.

Elitsa Velikova, Junior Key Account Manager, ADA Cosmetics

The job application and English training with Keren Pickard was the best professional development I have had in my life so far. After I successfully completed 5 rounds of interviews and got the job I wanted, our sessions evolved into coaching on the topic of how I can better assert myself in a professional context. Coaching with Keren Pickard has given me a lot of valuable insights about myself. During the coaching, I went through an inner development process and discovered potential I didn't even know I had.

For me, Keren Pickard is a very competent coach who, through her enthusiasm, extraordinary charisma and passion for her work, wins over her participants 100% with very strong positive energy and keeps their interest and attention throughout the session. This inspiring and creative power woman not only gave me the satisfaction of being well prepared for the current phase of my life, but was also an added value for my future life.

Margaret Norman, USA

Keren Pickard’s courage coaching has had a hugely positive and unique impact on my life! Like many, I struggle with weighing my fears against my potential. I have utilized many helpful tools over the years to overcome these fears, but none have provided the personalization, realistic implementation, and sheer positivity that Keren has given me. Her live sessions, blog, newsletter, and personal encouragement have allowed me to approach seemingly impossible leaps as if they are mere footsteps. I am forever grateful to her and I highly recommend a look into the many effective personal growth strategies that she is offering!

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