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"You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart." John Ford

What makes a powerful speaker?


Let me help you develop these skills and become the speaker you‘ve always dreamed of being!

I help you to:

What makes a brilliant speaker?

Presentation in English? DON'T FREAK OUT! You can DO this!

Do you need someone to help you with your English presentations?

As a native speaker with 20 years‘ experience living in Germany, I know firsthand the fears associated with presenting in a foreign language. If you need someone to help you plan your next presentation, interview or speech, look no further! You‘ve found me!

Together, we will create structured and culturally-sensitive presentations that meet the expectations of your audience. You‘ll get everything you need from me (maybe even a few cool jokes!) to make your next public speaking endeavor a great success!

"It takes fire to make fire!"

Do you need a few sparks to ignite a fire in your staff? I‘m a catalyst and encourager that can breathe fresh life into your next event!

Book me as a speaker to get brave conversations started! My unique mix of Texan charisma, love of storytelling and self-depreciation is guaranteed to entertain and inspire your audience!

Next Steps

I‘m looking forward to hearing from you to discuss the details of your next event!