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Find your vision and live braver…starting today!

Children of the 90s, sing with me!

“So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!” Sorry to have infected you with one of the most annoying songs in music history, but maybe it’s just what you needed to get you thinking. Have you ever asked yourself what you REALLY, REALLY want? And what does that have to do with courage? How about, EVERYTHING?!

Most of us start out as children with amazing and heroic dreams of our futures. Firemen, superheroes, Porsche test drivers, you name it. We want to go higher, achieve more, feel the wind in our hair as we go about nobly saving the world. And then we experience that first “well-meaning” adult that tells us how UNLIKELY, how IMPOSSIBLE, or how RIDICULOUS those dreams are. We go in our rooms, hang the superhero cape in the closet and tell ourselves that it was just a silly idea, anyway.

Has anyone ever talked YOU out of a dream before? Are you ready to start dreaming again and stop letting others dictate what you can and cannot do?

The first and most ingredient for living bravely is to have a vision of what you want. You need to start seeing with your heart and not just with your eyes. If you were to rely only on what you could see (your level of education, your marital or financial status, your location), you could probably talk yourself out of a lot of things very quickly. It’s only when you start looking a bit deeper at what you REALLY, REALLY want that you’ll find the courage you need to overcome seemingly impossible circumstances and start seeing those visions materialize into reality!

Keren, where do I start?

  • Stage 1: Brainstorm the WHAT

Brainstorm a list of all the things that you really, truly want to see in your own life (whether you think they are realistic or not!)

  • Do you want to finally start having the conversations you’ve been avoiding with …?
  • Do you want to have a work environment that you look forward to going to every morning?
  • Do you want to have a happier and healthier relationship to your spouse or your children (or both)?
  • Do you want to campaign for more social justice (pick a cause, any cause!)

At this stage, it is completely UNIMPORTANT to know HOW you are going to do it…you just need to know WHAT you want!

  • Stage 2: Analyze the Consequences of Action vs. Inaction

What are you (or those around you) missing out on if you don’t take action in this area?


Are you missing out on a feeling of deep connection with someone you care about because you haven’t found the courage to speak to them about something difficult?

Are you missing out on the fulfillment of doing a job that challenges you because you haven’t had the guts to ask your boss for a new assignment or the permission to get more training?

Are your children missing out on the joy of living in a peaceful and balanced environment that makes them feel safe?

  • Stage 3: Find the Why

After finding out WHAT you want and WHAT you are missing out on by not taking action, it’s time to find out Why it’s worth it!


In speaking up about something that’s bothering you in your relationship, you are living more authentically and allowing others to love you more wholly, even if it gets uncomfortable!

By asking for new responsibilities or education, you will be able to grow your skill set and be a more valuable asset to the company as well as feeling more fulfilled and challenged in the work you do!

The Power of Vision

Once you have identified what you REALLY REALLY want in this life and WHY it is so important, you will be able to start overcoming all number of “impossible” hows! Just look at any Olympic athlete…they want that gold SO bad that they are willing to push themselves to the limit both physically and emotionally in pursuit of that dream! They overcome tremendous obstacles and push the boundaries of what everyone thought was achievable to prove that they are the best in their fields. While you may not be Olympic athlete, you can learn from their tenacity and willpower in making the choice to go for what is in their heart!

Find your vision, allow it to grow and discover strength and courage that you never knew you had!

The Link to my Livesession: The Power of Embracing Your Vision!

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